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Replica Prada Cahier Notebook Python Shoulder Bag Black

This year’s hottest Prada cahier series handbags, already swept the world, it is a dark horse in Milan Fashion Week, is also a must-have for many celebrities. Did you buy a Replica Prada Handbags cahier in this buying and buying season?

About Replica Prada Bags, in fact, not only the dual identity, but also been given many fashion labels, retro bags, box bags, court bags, organ bags, chain bags, badge bags, purses, mini bags, as well as trendy wide shoulder strap Pouch, stylish handbags, are irrelevant with the bags. The word “Cahier” was originally a notebook, with a metal frame with studs and a small lock like a diary lock on the cover, perfectly reflecting its name meaning that people can not help Put your precious things in it.

Replica Prada Handbags

Some people say Replica Prada Handbags Cahier Notebook Python Shoulder Bag Black like a notebook Prada court bag / wide shoulder bag organ. The series to flexible, small and exquisite design highlights! Prada cahier is a small bag, flexibility is reflected in its removable strap can be interchangeable and adjustable. In other words, remove the strap can be used as a handbag, the size is appropriate; put on a slim chain, into a shoulder bag, filling elegant; with leather strap, transfiguration messenger bag, to show the beauty of the classical. So amazing variety of fashion bags.

Countless star fans, is indeed the most popular luxury bag nowadays in a dark horse, like a notebook Replica Prada Bags cahier court bag, the other with full of literary style, whether it is nowadays popular wide shoulder straps, or when the clutch With, are a model of fashion and speed. In addition to gorgeous metal frame, organ bag design is full of bright spots.

Replica Prada Handbags

There is also a feature is: colorful embroidery velvet Prada Velvet court bag, Replica Prada Handbag cahier perfect match with color and design, highlighting the classical style, Prada series in the choice of materials are different, the details of the design is perfect. Calfskin handbags arc shape corner bag shape, the middle of the golden buckle buckle black printed with Prada logo strap. Smooth and soft cortex, a look to know the choice of the finest cortex. Black Crochet, the shape of the bag more three-dimensional. Available in black, green and garnet red tricolor.

Replica Prada Handbags

Embroidered velvet Prada cahier pockets, velvet models and calfskin models are similar, but chose the velvet as the main material. To know that velvet is one of the popular elements of autumn and winter this year, apply it to the bag, the designers are creative, bold enough. The stars also see a new idea of innovation, hanging in the waist is not also do not have a flavor? Velvet section with green and gem red optional.

To say that this year’s most fashionable IN popular single product, it must have a place for the pockets, the pockets of the popular all-natural Replica Prada Bag cahier this dark horse. There are calf leather pockets, red and green, are also color matching colors.

Replica Prada Handbags

In addition to the Prada cahier like a notebook outside, the courage Nazar with a long Prada bag is also favored. Slender appearance design, in addition to the court retro atmosphere, but also increased a bit modern sense! More like a handbag purse with a back, with a slender metal chain, watching the whole people are lean yet! This can also be used as a handbag to attend evening activities, is definitely a lot of extra points! Prada cahier can be a clutch of long models, more suitable for dinner / friends party / wedding, are very suitable.

Prada Cahier Astrology Velvet Shoulder Bag Black (Nero)

Cahier’s styling is very creative, even if there is no logo, but also has a strong brand recognition, Cahier’s Chinese meaning is “notebook”, as its name, Cahier looks looks like a full of classical Literary diary of the diary, recorded the most romantic story and the most precious memories, open the “book” to feel good warm. It is easy to think of the ancient bronze metal elements that are reminiscent of the protective corners of the medieval old books. The retro flavor is very strong. Saffiano leather is like the hard cover of ancient books, and both of them have the greatest benefit: mill! Even careless girl with it will not feel bad friends.

Replica Prada Handbags Cahier Astrology Velvet Shoulder Bag Black (Nero) Stylish and practical design of the wide shoulder strap also used this bag, the shoulder strap part is black calfskin cortex. Hanging shoulder strap part also specially with a special small ring, this small details of the design is very intimate, because in this small ring you can put on their favorite accessories! In addition to the basic models of Cahier, the following is just the moon and the moon is too beautiful! Bag meteor metro, feel good romantic Yeah, especially for boys as a gift to the girls, kind of you gave me the stars and the moon, as if to have the feeling of the universe.

Replica Prada Handbags

And the stars of the metal parts is also used to do the old sense of brass metal, looks both retro, and more of a mysterious atmosphere. Star and moon style pattern Cahier be regarded as a special style, belonging to a high-end line of Replica Prada Handbags, so the number is very small. Basic models Cahier originally because too fire everywhere out of stock, the moon and moon models is very rare. A lot of packets of powder are telling me that I can not find this replica tote bag , so anxious, so if you see this replica tote bag in the store is really super lucky!

17 years of spring and summer of the new Cahier series more exciting, coupled with the design of removable shoulder strap, so that the use of Cahier richer. You can put it as a pockets, but also for it as a hand bag, coupled with a metal chain it turned into a shoulder bag it! In addition, this replica tote bag also introduced a new velvet material, velvet section set off the temperament, green and gem red two colors are particularly noble and beautiful, feel very good!

Small Song Jia is still the first to use this only velvet section of the Cahier, a small but very delicate as a pockets hanging on the waist, with a simple white shirt jeans, it feels very advanced texture, but also province A belt! Of course, in addition to velvet section, there are Replica Prada Bags classic Saffiano leather section, cross texture of the skin more stiff, looks more like a book do not in the waist. This season’s Cahier series, also introduced a new slender style, the original retro mysterious temperament Cahier suddenly become particularly noble and cold up. This replica tote bag is too suitable for the evening banquet, and slender metal chain can also be holding the shoulder to let it naturally fall. Some girls feel that the Replica handbags with a small place, and occasionally to participate in a dinner may choose to use some small replica tote bag instead, but there is no such replica tote bag for Replica handbag, a replica tote bag of two kinds of usage is really worth it.

Replica Prada Handbags

And slender models look more common than the ordinary look, smart, Gurinha tie with a refreshing summer back this replica tote bag is really good and delicate. A few days ago, Replica Prada  Bags held together to meet the powder meeting, we see this replica tote bag are also particularly like, but also took a photo together, carefully read the photo was found, in fact, everyone feels very different The Prada latest season 2017 early spring series, launched two very powerful super mini bag models, called Micro Box and Micro Cahier. The two bags of common features, is small and exquisite, with the details to win.

Micro Box is like the ancient nobles who store valuable pieces of small objects such as the ancient box, it is square box shape, metal lock and edge of the metal parts are retro and refined. At first glance on the special high-level gorgeous, small and exquisite feeling people put it down. Can be seen, Prada would like to create this replica tote bag created by the noble atmosphere of the white Fu Mei exclusive. This series of materials are very special, either rare leather, or senior velvet material, or is the braised embroidery, especially fancy. In addition to the side of the box, this replica tote bag there are round, small and round of a bag, it looks more lovely friends.

Replica Prada Handbags

Micro Cahier also used a lot of rare leather, and it did not Prada’s iconic logo. This style is more like an advanced version, with this replica tote bag only kind of “you have a common section of the Cahier, and I this is not the same, you do not understand can not see is Prada” feeling The Micro Cahier also uses a lot of rare leather, such as crocodile skin, ostrich skin, python skin and lizard skin. In addition, there are smaller and more mini-Cahier, you can hang in any can you think and can not think of places, such as bags Shoulder strap, belt, and neck! In the 2017 autumn and winter show, this 2D design Cahier good fun! I like it myself. Velvet material bag body also painted metal corners and bag buckle, this kind of interesting design style is particularly suitable for the influx of people. This series of Cahier now can not buy Oh, I predicted that when the time certainly a market was robbed empty.

In fact, Cahier launched less than a year, from time to time or Prada is a new replica tote bag , but I think this replica tote bag is very classic design phase. Classic models of the bag is often a great influence, will become a new replica tote bag design reference template. Prada himself has already launched a new bag with Cahier as the prototype, such as the Ribbon, which is also very popular this year, on the basis of the Cahier prototype. Although the overall shape of this replica tote bag with Cahier somewhat similar, but the two are completely different style, and Ribbon’s shoulder strap can be changed Oh! We can according to their own style to choose a different shoulder strap style. Moreover, whether it is from the design or popularity point of view, Cahier Prada future will become a new generation of classic replica tote bag models on behalf of, so it is very worthy of everyone to start. Like the killer bag that year, is still very popular in the brand and the bag industry has a position can not shake.